magic atmosphere

of the heart of Augustów primeval forests

N 53o51'53,8" E 23o04'28,4"

Access and location

Location of our hotel

A three star Hotel SPA “Wojciech” is located circa 7 km from the center of Augustów, in the heart of Augustów Primeval Forest, by the Białe lake and Staw Wojciech lake, nearby the national road No. 16, from Augustów to Ogrodniki – frontier crossing with Lithuania (so called Via Baltica II). Saint Mary’s Sanctuary in Studzieniczna and Przewięź sluice are in its immediate vicinity and are located along the Augustowski Canal.

You can reach the hotel when going from Augustów by:

  • water way: Netta river, Necko lake, Klonowica river, Białe lake, so called the Pope’s route,
  • bicycle route: International Bicycle Route R-11,
  • national road No.16 from Augustów in the direction to Sejny.

Access to Hotel Wojciech*** from city of Augustów

  • when driving into Augustów from Warsaw follow the main road leading to Suwałki.
  • after about 2 km pass the Augustowski Canal.
  • then at the crossroads crossing take the road number 16 in the direction of “Sejny – frontier passing in Ogrodniki”.
  • after 2,5 km pass the railway, continue driving on the national road No. 16.
  • after about 3 km pass lakes on both side of the road.
  • 200 m further on at the cross roads: turn right in order to get to Studzieniczna or turn left into a forest duct (ul. Wojciech) in order to get to Hotel Wojciech*** in Augustów (according to the information board, the Hotel is just 999 m ahead).

Access to Hotel Wojciech*** from direction of Sejny.

  • When going from Sejny to Augustów drive through the town of Przewięź.
  • Pass the Augustowski Canal and the Przewięź sluice. Continue further on the national road number 16.
  • After about 600 m you get to the crossing: turn right into the forest duct (ul. Wojciech) leading to Hotel Wojciech*** in Augustów (according to the information board – the Hotel is 999 m ahead) or turn left to get to Studzieniczna.

NOTE: Visualization of access is available at: maps.google.pl using the function of GOOGLE STREET VIEW.

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