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Surprise her and make that day a unique one.

We invite you to organize at our Hotel Wojciech SPA in Augustów exceptional engagements and anniversaries of weddings, where fairy like scene of the hotel hidden in the Augustów Forests brings you into romantic atmosphere and unforgettable moments where exceptionally decorated table in a room, candles, supper and a bottle of wine will be waiting for you.

We provide our guests:

  • Accomodation for two persons in VIP appartament (2 days)
  • Romantic supper by the candles and glass of wine (on request in appartament or in the restaurant)
  • Breakfast for two persons with possibility of serving at a table
  • On special requests there is possibility of ordering a bunch of flowers.

Present from the hotel – car parking gratis

Additionally for our hotel guests we offer a package of attractive discounts:

  • 10 % discount for additional gastronomic services covered with 8 and 23 % VAT rate
  • Swimming pool with aqua massage (service is included in the room price)
  • Sauna (service is included in the room price)
  • Gym (service is included in the room price)

We understand perfectly well the needs of our guests and know how to make that most solemn day remain deep in memories of our guests.

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