Hotel Wojciech in Augustów

Attractions in hotel

Swimming pool

Guests can enjoy a swimming pool with water showers and counter-current. For the youngest we have prepared a children’s zone with paddling pool and resting places with a view of the forest garden and Białe Lake.

The swimming pool is open from 16.00 to 22.00

Saunas / Wellness Area

The hotel guests can enjoy the session in the Finnish Bath and the Steam Bath.

The Wellness area contains:

  • Kneipp path,
  • Brine graduation tower,
  • Sunny meadow (solarium),
  • sensation shower.

Saunas/Wellness Area are available from 16.00 to 22.00.


The uniqueness of this place creates a panoramic view of Białe Lake and a terrae in the forest garden.

The fireplace room is a special place for meetings with family, friends or business guests.

We invite You to the restaurant from 7.00-22.00.

Fitness Center

Lovers of active leisure can take advantage of:

  • Treadmill,
  • Stacionary bicycle,
  • Elliptical trainer,
  • Exercise Atlas.

The gym is located in the Wellness Zone.

Mini biblioteka

Our guests can use the mini library lacated in the lobby of the restaurant. You can read the selected book in a room or in a comfortable armchair, ordering coffee and a delicious cake.

Wypożyczalnia rowerów

During the summer season, we provide bicycle rental.

The offer includes bicycle for children and adults.

Bicycle rental is open in summer season from 6.00 to 22.00.

Kinder room

For the youngest guests we have prepared a Kinder Zone.

Lovers of fun will find sets of bricks, soft plushies and teaching toys

Water wquipment rental

During the summer season we provide water equipment rental.

Water attractions lovers can rent:

  • kayak
  • paddle boat
  • water bikes

Water quipment renatl is open in the summer season from 6.00 to 22.00.


The Białe Lake covers an area of 4.8 km2. The huge surfaces creates the possibility of fishing from the shore, a bridge and a boat. The multitude of fish species occuring in the waters of Białe Lake gives the oppurtinity to catch, among others, pike, petch, hazel or eel.

Fishing card authorising to fish in the surrounding lakes can be purchased at the hotel reception desk.

Activities in the region

Augustów Canal

A water construction work from the first half of the 19th century,  surrounded by valuable naatural areas. There are 12 lakes on its trail. As a unique monument, it combines nature and technology. The object with a total lenght of 101 km has 18 locks, being the main attraction of Augustów.

Studzieniczna (Marian Shrine, „Papal Route”)

The sanctuary on the Island connected to the mainland, located on Studzieniczne Lake. According to legends and beliefs, the monastery well contains healing water. In 1990 Pope Jan Paweł II visited the Shrine, commemorating the monument on the shore of the Island and the route of the catamaran cruise  „Augustów Canal – Papal Route”.

Snow Arena

Winter sports complex located in Druskienniki in Lithuana.  The facility is open all year round, has 2 indoor trails with ski equipment rental.

Bicycle routes

In the region there are numerous bike routes for both amateur and professionals. On the eastern green velo.


Augustów and its surroundings are a great place for lovers of kayaking. All enthusiasts of active leisure will like the forest rivers: Rospuda, Szeszupa and Czarna Hańcza.

Paca’s Palace in Dowspuda

Dowspuda is a place of special historical and touristic importance. The neo-gothic palace lead the wealth of its founder Louis Michael Pac the general of the Polish and Napoleonic Forces. Currently, we can admire the remains of a magnificent building and a vast park.

Gruto Park

The outdoor exhibition of monuments of Soviet politicians, existing since 2001 is a collection of magnificent objects collected from Eastern countries (including Poland). Monuments were a part of the communist ideologoy of the countries belonging to the Soviet Union. The park is located near Druskieninkai in Lithuana.

Educational alley in Augustów’s Primera

Walking trails passing throught the reserve, shows the beauty and natural richness od Augustów Forest. One of the most interesting attraction of the trail is the „Goat Square” footbridge.

Post-Camaldolian Monastery Complex in Wigry

A complex of buildings with the Monastery, Hermitage and the clock tower located on the peninsula of Lake Wigry. One of the most beautiful views and the most visited place in the Suwalki’s region.

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