magic atmosphere

of the heart of Augustów primeval forests

N 53o51'53,8" E 23o04'28,4"


Picturesque vicinity of our hotel

Augustów lake district and Augustów Primeval Forest

  • Święte miejsce (Sacred Place) – by Rospuda river together with so called „Chakra” a place of positive energy of the Earth located along a small river, affluent of Jałowe lake to Rospuda river.
  • The Pac Palace in Dowspuda (a place where Celtic Music Festival is held). In the nearby villages descendants of settlers from Scotland live.
  • Suwalski Landscape Park, post glacial area with many moraine hills and post glacial lakes, where such films were shot as: „Pan Tadeusz”, „Dolina Issy”. During visiting of the park it is worthwhile to visit Wodziłki – molenna – i.e. a prayer place of Old Believers
  • Suwałki with unparallelled in Poland complex of XIX century apartment houses, located along the main Kościuszki street,
  • Puńsk – main seat of Lithuanian minority in Poland, with Ethnographic Museum in the building of Lithuanian House and ethnographic farmstead,
  • Wigierski Landscape Park with Post Cameldolite monastery in Wigry. There is a possibility of organizing rides by the Wigry Narrow Gauge Railway,
  • Sejny, it is worth while visiting the XVII century Baroque basilica – Dominican monastery and XIX century synagogue together with „White Synagogue” gallery,
  • Studzieniczna – place of religious cult of Saint Mary with XIX century chapel and a well famous for „miraculous” (healing) water,
  • Augustów – Museum of Augustów Land, including part devoted to Museum of Augustowski Canal,
  • Augustowski Canal – the XIX century water-way 101 km long with 18 sluices (out of which 80 km and 15 sluices are within the Polish frontier) being a water engineering historical treasure.
  • Kozi Rynek (Goat’s Square) Reserve – forest preserve, aiming at protection of remnants of wildlife forest stands of mixed-deciduous and riparian forests of Augustów Forests, and also protection of existing stands of elk and black stork.

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