magic atmosphere

of the heart of Augustów primeval forests

N 53o51'53,8" E 23o04'28,4"

Restaurant and Kitchen

Explore unique charm of the Hotel Wojciech restaurant

Hotel „Wojciech” restaurant has space for 100 seats, banquet hall for about 20 people and a restaurant terrace with view over the Białe (White) Lake.

Banquet hall is an ideal place to organize a cosy business meetings, jubilee dinner or special events ( for example wedding parties, wedding lunches, the first holy communion etc. ) The Restaurant at Hotel Wojciech*** is a a great place to organize banquets, company events or other special ceremonies.

Rich choice of spirits, Old World and New World Wines Chart, wide choice of coffee and tea provides innumerable number of taste possibilities and entice to visit the Bar at Hotel Wojciech*** in Augustów.

Kitchen of Hotel Wojciech *** is inspired by abundance of the Augustów region. We recommend the Polish and regional cuisine. Our specialty is tench in cream from Augustów lakes, perch in sour-sweet pickle, but also baked duck with apples served on red cabbage.

For organized groups, apart from standard menu we can offer farmer’s table, fisherman table, with specialties of regional cuisine prepared in accordance with tradition. Among the regional dishes there are “kartacze” (potato dumpling stuffed with minced pork meat), potato babka or potato sausage (casings), pierogi or freshwater fish: vendace (local lake whitefish), tench, bream and other fish caught in nearby lakes. As far as sweet stuff is concerned we recommend “Sękacz” famous cake (baumkuchen type), “Mrowisko” (“ant hill”– a pile of dry tarts from crispy cake with honey, poppy seed and raisin), and many other regional goodies.

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