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Spa & Wellness

We invite you to the Recreational Centre at Hotel Wojciech

Relax Zone

Hotel Wojciech offers various forms of relaxation to its Guests. People tired with city chores, can find something for themselves from the wide recreational offer.

Hotel Wojciech offers:

  • Swimming pool
  • Dry-Steam Sauna
  • GYM (available for hotel guests only, included in the hotel room charge)
  • Billiards room (available for hotel guests only)
  • Sports and Water sports equipment rental
  • Playing grounds for children

We invite you to Hotel Wojciech*** in Augustów, where you take advantage of staying far from city noise, being in direct contact with nature, feel comfortable, among the rainbow of Polish cuisine tastes, have fun, rest actively and experience charm of SPA and Wellness at the very Heart of Augustów Primeval Forest.


SPA derives from the Latin language and means “Sanus Per Aquam”, that is “Health through Water”. In SPA philosophy water plays the most important role. Water may soothe or activate body to activities, may relax or stimulate its activity.

Hotel Wojciech*** swimming pool is a perfect place for relaxation regardless the season of the year or the weather outside. Swimming pool provides three kinds of hydro massage (horizontal, vertical and water jets). Swimming pool is especially admired by children, who thanks to small dimensions of the pool overcome the threat of water and quickly learn to swim. Adults also find something for themselves. Swimming, water massages are the real relax for body and the soul.

It is a perfect place for relax – it inures, improves resilience, boost immune system, increases blood flow, removes harmful substances from organism, relieves stress and releases tension.

SPA in summer time includes Augustów lakes. Swimming in lakes especially early in the morning sets your organism into positive attitude for the whole day. Augustów is the capital of lakes and forests, we invite you to SPA Augustów.


Wellness is a style of life, aiming at feeling well, leading to harmony of coexistence of body, soul and mind. Wellness means everything, what is around us, what we do, what we eat and how we rest. It is a healthy way of life, it is gymnastics, relax, cosmetic beauty sessions and proper diet.

Hotel Wojciech*** in Augustów offers:

  • Fitness Club – We invite you to the hotel fitness club with professional equipment (exercise cycle, treadmill, weight trainer, dumbbells).
  • Billiards – Those who crave for the taste of competition and victory are invited to billiards room, where you can test your skills.
  • Sports equipment rental – Closeness to the lake gives you the possibility of using kayaks, water bikes, anglers boats. For all who are willing to, we can organize a one-day kayaking tour on Czarna Hańcza river, Augustowski Canal or Rospuda river. Location of the hotel is very conductive to exercise family bike tourism. In the hotel vicinity there is the International Bicycle Route R-11. Those who do not have their own bicycles we do offer tracking bicycles from the hotel rental.
  • Playing ground for children – The youngest guests can spend time pleasantly together with parents on a hotel playing ground (see-saw, slide, sand-pit).

Location of the hotel induces active family tourism.70 m way from the hotel there is the Białe (White) lake, which is convenient to exercise water tourism and sports. Motor-boats, water scooters, yachts, kayaks, anglers boats, water bicycles, give possibility of spending any of unforgettable hours on water. At the hotel reception we offer anglers permits for amateur fish catching to our guests.

In the hotel vicinity there is the International Bicycle Route R-11, and many local tourist routs. You can get through them to Augustów Primeval Forest, either by car, bicycle or of on foot (in a walking tempo) or as the more and more getting popular Nordic Walking. In winter time you can also consider cross country skis, ATV (quads) or snow scooters.

Other forms of active way of spending your leisure time is mushroom picking, angling, swimming, safari photo (nearby the hotel you can meet frequently elks, water birds). We invite you to take advantage of the family stay package. The hotel offer is intended for people who value hospitality, quality of services equally to high standard of the facility.

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