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Summer attractions

Summer attractions

Mazury region is especially attractive in summer time. Conferences by the lake may be followed by – sailing races, fun on water scooters, water skis, voyages by Augustów Cruise Ships, catamarans trips, kayaking trips, but also: bicycle rides, angling, mushroom picking, excursions to Vilnius.

Company events on water

  • Motorboats, water scooters, water skis – integration events taking advantage of vicinity of lakes of the Augustów lake district.
  • Dragon’s boats – kind of group competition, in the fashion of Oxford-Cambridge races.
  • Regattas (sailing races) – participants are divided into groups making yacht teams and take part in regattas. Each group receives a steersman. Buoys and referees, just like in real regattas. Another form of this event are orientation sailing races – enhanced by searching of an attractive award.
  • Voyages by Augustów Cruise Ships – there is possibility of organizing an event on a ship board during a voyage – dinners, disco, jazz concerts, night voyages, theatre spectacle, casino. The ship arrives and picks up participants of a conference directly from the hotel harbour.
  • Catamarans – cruises by boats capable to take 14 persons. There are a few catamarans available to take even 50 people. These small floating units enable you to explore places by the lake, inaccessible for bigger units of Augustów Cruise Ships, for example Rospuda river, wild beaches of Augustów lake district, or difficult to reach sectors of Augustowski Canal.
  • Gondolas – meetings on gondola are intended for smaller groups. Number of gondola necessary to serve a company event is to be agreed in advance.
  • Kayaking trips – through most attractive Masurian water ways in the North-Eastern part of Poland: Rospuda river, Czarna Hańcza river, Biebrza river. Kayaking trips can be combined with catering along the kayaking route.
  • Angling – first training on principles of angling, then exam on the angler’s card and then angling competition for all participants of a company event. Many participants of angling training „swallow the hook” and become themselves real anglers afterwards. Mazurian lakes would not hide any secrets any more.
  • Water relay race – company event, during which participants are divided into groups and compete with the use of water equipment available at the Hotel Wojciech*** In Augustów (boats, water bikes, kayaks) with complementary trekking bicycles. Ideal setting for company event – is the Białe (White) lake in Augustowie.

Company events in Augustów Primeval Forest

  • Bicycle tours – routs through Augustów Primeval Forest, around Białe lake or along Augustowski canal. Near the hotel there is the International Bicykle Route R-11.
  • Mushroom picking – competition relaying on picking of mushrooms in Augustów forests with antecedent training on recognition of various spices of mushrooms.
  • Orientation jogging in Augustów forests – including geocaching – nearby the hotel there are many geocaching location points scattered by the lake.
  • Nordic Walking – trips with the use of sticks on paths lead by lakes shores, through Augustów Primeval Forests.
  • ATV quads trips through forests.
  • Horse riding – for beginners and advanced learners of horse riding. Routs are lead on paths winding among by lakes.

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