magic atmosphere

of the heart of Augustów primeval forests

N 53o51'53,8" E 23o04'28,4"

Wedding parties

Check exceptional offer of a wedding party at Hotel Wojciech

We invite you to organize a wedding party in Augustów – at the heart of Augustów primeval forest. Location of the Hotel adds charm to such a solemn ceremony and makes it even more exceptional. Nearby, there is the Saint Mary’s Sanctuary in Studzieniczna. Wedding ceremony in a chapel, where John Pope II used to pray would create a great spiritual experience for a Young Couple, but also would be unforgettable moments for all participants of wedding. Thanks to the hotel location, wedding guests can rich the Chapel in Studzieniczna and return from church ceremony to the hotel by one of Augustów Cruise ships. During the voyage, a ship passes through sluice in Przewięź, being an extra tourist attraction.

A young couple may return to hotel also by a chartered yacht or a motorboat.

We do prepare also wedding catering on a ship board, as well as sleigh ride parties, grills and bonfires, that constitute attraction of every wedding.

Hotel Wojciech*** has got a wedding hall for 100 guests and a separate ball room for 70 quests.

You can also have a wedding ceremony organized by the lake in the open air. We provide a tent and a dancing floor.

We invite you to Hotel Wojciech*** in Augustów.

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