magic atmosphere

of the heart of Augustów primeval forests

N 53o51'53,8" E 23o04'28,4"

Winter attractions

Winter attractions

Mazury region is also very attractive during winter time. We can propose additionally:

  • Sleigh rides through Augustów Primeval Forest combined with bonfires and grills. Even though the outdoor temperature drops down to minus 20°C, you always feel warm while singing together by the bonfire. Winter warmer (hot beer or vine), accordion music and common sauna after the sleigh party. Sleigh party in Mazury is an unforgettable experience for all participants of a conference.
  • Cross-country skis – meeting with a new form of winter active way of spending leisure. Participants will ski well after a 30 minutes training. Ski routs lead through Augustów forests or along frozen lakes shores.
  • Downhill skiing in Mazury – this activity is directed to those who want to learn skiing down a hill. The place of the event is the Szelment Ski Resort near Jeleniewo (45 km from Hotel Wojciech). We provide ski equipment and ski instructors.
  • Dog sledding in Masury – great fun in the fashion of Alaska dog sleds. You can explorer Masury region from a dog sled perspective.
  • Ice fishing – hotel is located by the Białe (White) lake.
  • Orientation jogging – forest in winter time has its special charm. Routes are led by the lakes of Augustów Lake District.

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